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  • Brand: Lantus | World Brand | Mfg: Aventis Pasteur

  • Lantus (I) 5(3ml) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 106.75
  • Lantus (I) 10(3ml) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 164.82
  • Lantus (I) 15(3ml) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 222.89
  • Lantus (I) 20(3ml) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 280.96
  • Lantus (I) 25(3ml) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 339.03
  • Lantus (I) 30(3ml) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 397.10
  • Lantus (I) 35(3ml) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 455.17
  • Lantus (I) 40(3ml) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 513.24
  • Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

  • Generic 5(3mL) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 119.79
  • Generic 10(3mL) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 190.91
  • Generic 15(3mL) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 262.03
  • Generic 20(3mL) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 333.15
  • Generic 25(3mL) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 404.27
  • Generic 30(3mL) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 475.38
  • Generic 35(3mL) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 546.50
  • Generic 40(3mL) cartridge x 100IU/mL cartridge $ 617.62

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